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The Birth of a Boutique

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision owning a baby boutique. It is just one of those fantasies that came to life and fell neatly into place.

In everything I do, I rely on my roots. Growing up on a farm I learned the importance of hard work, honesty and dedication to my craft. In turn I learned to appreciate both quality and craftsmanship. While I value these things very much, I am also quite a whimsical person. I love the spontaneity of life. I trust my passions and instincts to guide me through my life. It is the eternal artist in me, I guess.

It is first important to understand how my photography business came to life, because without it, Ayden’s Closet may not exist. In 1999 I traveled to Italy for a semester abroad. Following my instincts I decided to stay indefinitely and travel Europe with only my camera, journal, backpack and unbridled affection for the arts. I traveled at my own pace taking in all that Europe had to offer and documenting my adventures with my camera. The stage was set for my future as an artist and specifically a photographer.

Upon returning home I enrolled immediately in Art School. There I honed my skills and developed a love of photographing people and the special moments that tie them together. I worked as an intern for a very traditional studio soon after school. While I learned invaluable lessons there I knew that my passion and artistic tastes were taking me elsewhere. Hence, I started Jamie Collins Photography in 2001 with little more than a camera and a laptop.

Needless to say my photography studio has blossomed and grown into all that I could have hoped for.  When I said that I could have never imagined myself owning a baby boutique, the opposite is true for the photography business. I knew what I wanted and throughout time figured out how to achieve that.

The birth of my son Ayden in 2005 inspired not only my love of photographing children but also my complete infatuation with children’s fashion.  The baby boutique stage was now set.

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